I'm Steve


"Picture me in a pixelated world where each shot reveals... an enigma."    ~ Steven CW Taylor ~

Most of my life has revolved around sports, it was Basketball in middle school; Track and Football in High School; and Football in College.  And I wasn't just part of the team, I was ALWAYS one of the best/fastest athletes on the Court, Track, or Field at every level of competition.  Until life, (an injury my senior year in college) said otherwise.  Talk about "Depression"!!!  Running fast was all I knew, then I couldn't. 

So it's 4 months until college graduation, I'm laying in my bed crying..."Fuck! What am I going to do with my life? You're smart, but you don't know how to do shit besides be an athlete, who's never thought about anything but being an athlete.  What are you going to do???"  It was in this moment my life shifted, when the thing I loved soooo much was taken away, only then was the world's vastness open/available to me.  In this moment I knew that all I wanted to do was attain as much wisdom as I possibly could, and to do that I had to, "Try EVERYTHING"!

Fast forward 11 years and too many jobs to count later, I'm a 33 year old Software Engineer, Photographer, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Lover of People.  But along the way, there have been many countless Angels who have so freely shared with me their Intellectual Capital (Wisdom) with me; who had they not, I'd still be that boy crying in his bed who could no longer be the athlete he'd always envisioned himself to be. 

For all who have made me a better, wiser man...THANK YOU!! 

Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves” - Philip Stanhope