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© Steven CW Taylor and Ubuntu Fine Art, 2021. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without expressed and written permission from the owner is strictly prohibited.


Steven CW Taylor is a Software Engineer, Gallerist, and Contemporary Fine Art Photographer specializing in the documentation and archiving of Black Life during this time.  His love for photography was birthed by his background in engineering.  "Learning the machine called a camera, allowed me to be confident in the Art I am creating."


Born and raised in the East Germantown section of Philadelphia, PA, this non-formally trained photographer makes it his business to provide his community with access to Fine Art “without the need to travel to more affluent spaces”.  Having traveled to 18 countries, and 4 US National Parks, it is important for Steven to share his photography intentionally with his community. He is the founding artist and curator of Ubuntu Fine Art -Philadelphia’s first and only Fine Art Photography Gallery of a single artist. 


As “The Time Thief” I steal moments of time to preserve the feeling and emotion of the instance in which the picture was taken.  “I want the photographs I’ve taken over my lifetime to be the lens that future generations view the past.  Similar the Gordon Parks before me, my legacy will transcend generations!”


“Be it an animal, person, or place, the process is the same…I don’t take pictures, I feel the emotions of space and steal that time.”

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