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Steven CW Taylor, also known as "The Time Thief," is a talented artist and engineer from Philadelphia who is committed to celebrating and preserving black life and history through his stunning photography. Taylor's unique and diverse life experiences, combined with his deep appreciation for the principles of Ubuntu, enable him to create inspiring art that touches the heart and soul.


With a background in criminal justice and software engineering, Taylor has sharpened his eye for detail and developed a love for storytelling through his photos. His work often highlights themes of freedom, strength, and the ongoing fight for liberation, emphasizing the importance of recognizing African American contributions to history and the continued struggle for emancipation.


Taylor's photography is closely linked to the mission of the Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery in Germantown, where his artwork is proudly displayed. The gallery promotes an atmosphere for creative expression and discussions about social empowerment, which aligns with Taylor's own values and artistic vision. Steven CW Taylor's captivating photos serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating black heritage, motivating future generations to keep striving for freedom and equality.

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